Popdose first (re)introduced you to Bob Hillman a few months ago with the video for “Big Sur”.  Now, the first full, new album from Bob Hillman in a decade – and produced by legendary singer/songwriter Peter Case – Lost Soul, is out and available and it’s a scorcher.  No frills, no soft soap, no funny business – this is all meat-and-potatoes, straight from the gut and done with skill.

Going right for the kill, the album opens with the pointed “I Think I’ve Taken Enough Shit From You This Year” and it’s one of the best fuck-you songs I’ve heard in a long time.  Sometimes, you have to say what needs to be said with no room for misinterpretation and this song says it all; “Overnight Failure” looks at why a relationship goes south and “Big Sur”, as I’ve said before is sweet, wistful and filled with a perspective and maturity.  The very wryly tongue-in-cheek “I’ll Replace You With Machines” is another great swipe – presumably this time, about former bandmates who push you over the edge with primadonna bullshit (I speak from experience); “Bad Business” is a quality “modern” track, with a neat use of older-fashioned synth sounds to flesh out the melody in a straight pop song while “Alison’s Part Of The Equation” is a Costello-esque style piece (think Trust-era) – only better.  And the closing number, “Party Dress” is a gentle, heartfelt and lovely piece painted by piano, acoustic guitars and a masterful horn solo to build the drama (like so many great songs from the ’60’s used to do).

So after a ten year layoff, Bob Hillman returns with a fine and powerful statement.  That he’s always had the talent to do this is not the question – it’s what does he do next for the encore because this is one hell of an album.


Lost Soul is available now


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