The first word that comes to mind when listening to Camille Bloom and her new album Pieces Of Me is “warmth”.  The sweetness of her voice; the understated manner of the instrumental arrangements and the calm, stillwater manner in which the songs are performed are powerful and easy to embrace.

Starting with “Lift Me Up”, with its soft guitar patterns, emotionally potent strings and harmonies, you can’t help but close your eyes and drift; the title track, “Pieces Of Me” is something of a romp, but yet controlled, with its tight harmonies, galloping bass and zesty mandolin; “Hit The Road” is a country kicker with a propulsive rhythm section and spot-on guitar lines and “Turn Back To You” is another quiet, stripped down piece with guitar, a very restrained drum shuffle pattern, bass, mandolin and delightful harmonies.  “Everywhere But Here” is possibly the most dramatic track on the album with piano, strings and an overall mournful feel; “Novocaine” is powerful yet calm (the recurring theme of these performances) and “In Another Life” is minimalism at its best – her voice and piano – with, again, an pull at the heartstrings in the most positive way.

It’s nice to find some artists still know how to deliver a message without having to scream it or beat you over the head with it.  Camille Bloom does an outstanding job of making her statements poignant while you can enjoy listening.


Pieces Of Me will be released Friday, September 9th, 2016


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