10380984_881845128565303_4151012985608684439_nThis self-titled debut album from Minneapolis’ Carroll has some fine textures that remind me immediately of  such ’80s indie giants as the Comsat Angels, the Chameleons, the Sound and a little bit of Echo and the Bunnymen.  Quasi-psychedelic, but too restrained to be weird, per se, and (yet) incredibly lush.

Opening with “Alligator,” you can hear the aforementioned in one swirling go; the guitars and sound give it that wonderful vintage sound that I know so well. “Bad Water” is a radio-ready/friendly cut with some very nice harmonies sprinkled throughout, and “Green Acres” has a wonderful dissonance in the opening that leads to something that I would have listened to on New York’s WLIR around late ’81/early ’82.  “Know Your Apples” is something sparkling that Mark Burgess would be proud of; “Daylight” bubbles along at the beginning and goes into a great, crisp and strident riff and rhythm and “Are We Different” is a slower, taut and slightly claustrophobic piece that builds into a dreamy soundscape that sneaks in some sinister guitar.

A fine debut: stellar production, warm — and for me, familiar — and enjoyable.  Easy to remember – Carroll.  Keep an eye on them in the future.


Carroll will be released Friday, September 18th, 2015.


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