Darlingside-BirdsSay-FrontThis Massachusetts-based quartet has something different to offer and a very refined sound that makes this new album, Birds Say, a joy to experience from end to end.  Touches of classical music, traditional folk and skillful song structures are the order of the day.

“The Ancestor” opens the collection in a very delicate and choral manner that I haven’t encountered in a long time; very warm melody and a group vocal.  “White Horses” is quiet, brushed along by banjo runs played softly and majestic piano and stunning harmonies a la CSN & Y make this an early high point; “Go Back” is another dynamic vocal exercise with some nice uptempo guitar strumming and is as catchy as all get out and the album’s title track, “Birds Say” has some very fine acoustic picking.

“The God Of Loss,” with its mournful violin, is another standout and sung in a group manner instead of harmonies; “Do You Ever Live?” has a Turtles-like vocal delivery and although it’s musically minimal, it has a quasi-psychedelic feel and “She’s All Around” is as sweet a ballad as one could want.  The album closes out with “Good for You” with its country-folk feel and paces along briskly.

One of the recent head-turners to make its way into my collection, for certain.  Give this album from Darlingside a listen and it will turn your head and stay in your mind.   A mighty fine effort, indeed.


Birds Say will be released Friday, September 18, 2015.

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