An interestingly compelling album from Florida’s Flagship Romance, Tales From The Self-Help Section is a low-key but powerful gathering of twelve songs that explore love, life and trying to cope in an uncertain time and place.  The production on this album is beyond stellar; the performances are moving and everything simply works to the maximum.

The opening track “Friends” is a perfect example – starting quietly with acoustic guitars and vocals, the song builds up to soulful heights and is filled with weighty emotion; “Growing Up So Fast” is sweet and thoughtful and lush – this is what “acoustic pop” should sound like.  The warm and upbeat feel of “Caught Up” has a spot-on vocal harmony and “If I Can’t Break Your Heart” with its country flavor is stunningly beautiful.  “Life Is A Song” is definitely the “radio single” and again, having a country texture makes this a standout (listen to the pedal steel runs); “Scare Yourself” is the other radio-ready number – something you can drive down the highway, blasting and “Nemesis” is a throwback to the Nashville of old with its muted banjo and again, an on-the-one harmony.

It’s always uplifting to hear something new and fresh – and certainly Flagship Romance have that.  Their sound, their delivery – their songs are to be marveled at and taken in for the long run.  Another act that I do hope can continue to produce fine and highly personal work.

Tales From The Self-Help Section is currently available

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