The warmth of this album can’t be understated.  North Carolina native turned Brooklyn transplantee Greg Humphreys (late of the glorious Dillon Fence) has now formed a new band, Greg Humphreys Electric Trio, and released a very fine album of eight new songs that stand out upon first listen.

The title cut is more than enough to sink your teeth into with its intricate guitar flutters and upbeat shuffle; certainly, the rhumba-like feel and mandolin brings a liveliness to the track but the silky vocals and tight harmonies makes this shine immediately.  “Sayin’ What You Mean” is dreamy; ethereal, soulful and at flashes, jazzy.  Sadly gentle and yet meaty with its arrangements.  “Golden Bone”, on the other hand, has that swampy kind of balls out riffage that I love – the kind you could expect from The Black Crowes or more recently, Luther Dickinson but even then, at the song’s mid-point (this is an instrumental), a pastoral break comes and the song goes from minor to major – like clouds parting after rain – and then back to the riffing.  Great sense of balance and dynamics.  “All Because Of You” is an out-and-out pop “hit”; instantly catchy and as radio friendly as one can be in this day and age and “Someday I’ll Have My Due” is an obviously heartfelt nod to Otis Redding – and you can’t close out a set like this any better.

Like I said, eight songs – all great.  Worth every moment on first listen to make you want to go back and listen again.  All the elements in this album hit the mark – the guitars, the rhythm section, the vocals, arrangements, embellishments and the production.  Everything is right and Greg Humphreys Electric Trio is electrifying.


Lucky Guy is available now

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