Heirs Of Fortune isn’t a band per se (or so I gather); it’s a project overseen and directed by Terry Carolan, a mainstay of power pop mastery, especially in his native Tampa, Florida.  The idea of Heirs Of Fortune was a long-overdue collaboration between Mr. Carolan and friends that became a reality and a collection of carefully crafted pop standouts, including one (quite loved by me) special cover, which I’ll get to…  But nonetheless, Circus Of Mirth (a brilliant title) is just that – a joyful gathering of melody.

The slightly-crazed and whimsical “The Ringmaster”/”Invited” gets the proceedings underway (the production techniques here are stellar and brilliant, by the way) and quickly leads into “Aster Street Days”, which has that glorious mid-’70’s pop sound and feel.  Piano, explosive drums and harmonies rule and twin guitar harmonies are spot on (subtle and to the point).  The crisp and delicious acoustic guitar opening of “From Where I Am” is enough to induce a chill and is easily something I could imagine hearing on the radio in my childhood; “Crazy” is the standout, with its mid-’60’s vibe (listen for the 7ths on the chords) and great vocal harmonies; “Shine” has a manic/breakneck but uptempo feel and “Goodbye My Friend” is Badfinger-esque piece of sweet sadness – a moving tribute to a friend gone.  But for me, the kicker is a near-orchestral version of Chris Bell’s “I Am The Cosmos”.  I know people have done this song on many occasions, but Mr. Carolan gives a certain emotional punch that can’t be clearly defined and makes this an outstanding rendition.

This album is another of those fine examples of “how it’s done”.  Because it can be.  And clearly, Terry Carolan’s Heirs Of Fortune have done so on Circus Of Mirth.


Circus Of Mirth is currently available


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