Imaginary Future is really the vehicle for Jesse Epstein, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter.  Sunlight, the newest album, is his 4th and it’s a concept piece.   For the first time in his musical odyssey, Epstein decided to write an entire album’s worth of music as a love letter to his new wife (his high school sweetheart and frequent musical collaborator, Kina Grannis), since it was a symbol of joy and he’d never written “happy” music before.

On first listen, it reminds me a lot of a band I reviewed here last year, Wakey Wakey – it has that film/TV soundtrack kind of sound and feel – big and near-anthemic.  The lead-off track, “Forever By Your Side” definitely sounds like something you’d hear at the climax of a prime time series like “Grey’s Anatomy”; “Take It As It Comes” is upbeat; electronic fills and a nice background melody carries it and “You Bring Me Home” is another “stomper” which has a very ’80’s feel.  “Better Together” is the album’s standout – a taut track with a catchy chorus; “Real Love” is an acoustic bouncer and “It’s Getting Better” has a sweet, Americana feel.

Pleasant, warm and certainly filled with good vibes.  A fine evening’s worth of music.


Sunlight is available now


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