Jamie Seerman is the mind and voice of Jaymay; she’s a visual artist and singer/songwriter/performer.  And now, this New York native has just unleashed her 12th overall release (and only 2nd full length album), To Tell The Truth.  A tuneful baker’s dozen of songs that fit the warmth of summer; a quiet evening with your partner – numerous scenarios can be painted as these songs are simply sweet and well-constructed.  Certainly, the playing on this record is full and rich and Ms. Seerman clearly has the goods as a singer and songwriter.

“Baby Maybe One Day” is as sweet and embracing as one could ask for in a three minute song; upbeat and charming, it sets the table quickly for the hopeful “I Was Only Lovin’ You”; “I Just Got Over You” is soft, acoustic and shows the skill of the musicians behind this track as they play in a restrained manner, letting the double-tracked vocals be the center of the song and “I Stand Up For Me” is something that harkens back to the R.E.M. canon of dramatic flair through understatement.  “There Are Red Roses” is simply beautiful – delicate, atmospheric and the album’s high point; “We Say Goodbye” is slightly mournful but soulful; her voice carries the lyrical impact with matter-of-factness and again, the understated playing gives the song greater power.

All around, this is dynamic stuff – an obviously talented songwriter and working with the right team of musicians to make this album come alive.  And it very much is – in its quiet and subdued manner, it speaks loudly to the heart.  Jaymay is definitely one to keep an eye on, going forward.


To Tell The Truth is available now

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