It makes me feel good to know that there is this whole new crop of musicians from the mid-West releasing quality music.  I’ve had the pleasure of hearing many of these groups and here again is another, John Velghe and The Prodigal Sons.  This new collection, Organ Donor Blues, is their sophomoric bow and it’s been a joy to listen to.  A taut, crisp production; rich, full-bodied songs with strong arrangements, brass, backing singers – even a guest appearance from the now-legendary Alejandro Escovedo adds up to a beefy pop album that’s full of melody and warmth.

“Beaten By Pretenders”, featuring the aforementioned Mr. Escovedo, is a tight blast of pure rock and roll with chiming guitars, mournful organ and soulful horns; “On The Interstate” is a nice mix of acoustic picking, some country-fied guitar twang and sweet harmonies (may be my favorite track).  “Set It Fire” kicks in with mournful harmonica and a fine double-tracked vocal (another choice track); “Pyramids and Counterfeits” comes roaring and punching with its prime pop arrangement with horns and riffs.  Finally, “Love’s No Place” is another hook-and-brass laced piece of pop perfection.

Eleven tracks and no filler.  The first sign that an album is good.  Quality songs and top-notch arrangements are the second sign.  Organ Donor Blues fits the necessary requirements perfectly and then some.




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