There’s quite a number of stories that go along with the songs behind Korby Lenker’s newest album, Thousand Springs, which is the seventh release from this East Nashville-based singer-songwriter.  This album was recorded in a number of different places and locations that were not recording studios – his guitar and vocals were done at the edge of the Snake River Canyon, a cabin north of Sun Valley and in his undertaker father’s mortuary, to name a few.  It’s a highly personal album and the warmth exuded through the songs and his vocal delivery shows this very clearly.

“Northern Lights” is a sweet, slow and very calm piece, steered by acoustic guitars and Mr. Lenker’s restrained, yet emotionally reaching voice; “Friend And A Friend” is a taut but upbeat shuffle including a very on-the-one duet vocal duet with Molly Tuttle, who co-wrote the song with Mr. Lenker; “Nothing Really Matters” moves at a very quick pace, considering the underplaying is a perfect contrast and contradiction – again, his voice is something of a marvel here, almost akin to a young Paul Simon and ripe with neat banjo and fiddle fills.  “Uh Oh” is also something of a mournful track, but has a certain uplift to it; “Love Is The Only Song” is a powerful piano driven piece, carried mainly by Mr. Lenker’s voice and piano but later filled in by cello and Angel Snow’s vocal harmony and “Mermaids” is as close to “pop” as you can get on this album and it’s a steady piece with harmonies, a subdued trumpet and a melody that makes you sway along.

Being that this is Korby Lenker’s seventh album, I can only hope that this is his lucky number because this is one of those albums that should not be missed.  It’s an album to enjoy on a summer night or to keep you feeling right when it’s cold.


Thousand Springs is available now

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