12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007]

Internet cats have become a phenomenon over the last couple of years – I think we’re all familiar with the hilarious “I Can Haz Cheezburger”/Lolcats site or, of course, Grumpy Cat (real name:  Tardar Sauce).  But no one has captured my imagination and a piece of my heart like Lil’ Bub, the perma-kitten from the planet Bub-uh-bub.

There’s more than ample information about Lil’ Bub and her remarkable story – seek it out and you will find yourself falling in love with this incredible little creature.  Look at that face – those eyes – and that expression of joy and wonder.  When you read of the difficulties Bub experienced from birth with physical maladies and a less-than-great chance of survival and the absolute leap of faith and love her owner, Mike Bridavsky (known as “Dude” or “Bub’s Dude”) took by taking in this special-needs kitten, you will understand why she has an immediate impact on your consciousness (happy to say that Bub is doing great and she’s now 4 years old).  The most important thing is that everything that Mr. Bridavsky has done with Lil’ Bub is to raise awareness and funds for animals – special needs animals, shelters, etc.  And they have done an admirable job.

Since Bub has conquered television (her “Lil’ Bub’s Big Show” appeared on the Animal Planet network and she has many clips on YouTube) and movies (“Lil’ Bub & Friendz”), her next project was to oversee (!) and record (!) an album of music.  Thus, we have Science & Magic (subtitled A Soundtrack To The Universe) , a ten-track album (colored vinyl!) which is only logical, as Mr. Bridavsky is a musician/producer.  Along with fellow musician/composer Matt Tobey, this album is actually a very good, strongly melodic series of soundscapes, tight beats and all around catchy tunes.  Laugh if you want, but you do, indeed get a sense of Bub’s world via this collection.

Just listen to the opening track, “Hello Earth”, with its very Brian Wilson-melody and string arrangements (and Bub’s cooing); “Assimilation” is BUB-bly and infectious and stays with you and “Good Job” has a great dance beat.  Actually, this whole album is a joyful groove.  “Another Voyage” opens up with the vocal stylings of Lil’ Bub (her now-famous “squonk”) and gets down to some sci-fi rhythms; “Rebirth” is an ambient piece that closes this album in a very apt manner.  Outer space dance music – it makes a universe of sense.

So what else can be said except the obvious?  GOOD JOB BUB.


Science & Magic is available now


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