From the moment “Outta My Head” begins, I love this album.  Liz Longley’s self-titled debut on the legendary Sugar Hill label is a thing of beauty.  Her voice, filled with warmth and sultry-ness and her songs, which are lyric-smart and melody-rich immediately hit all the right notes and heights.  Country/Americana perfection at its best.  Add to that a top-notch production by Gus Berry and you have a just-right, total package.  Overall, this is Liz Longley’s third full-length album – hopefully, this is the one that will put her on the map for all the world to hear.

As I said, “Outta My Head” has all the right elements; it has a pop-catchiness to it that makes it instantly memorable and something to hum along with; “Skin & Bones” is a darker, syrupy, swamp thing that kicks up harder on the chorus and just rolls – soulful, on-the-one guitar slides and vocals that penetrate you.  “Memphis” is a sweeter, slower, chiming ballad with beautiful vocals (especially on her harmonies with herself) that make you ache and yearning, sweeping guitar; “Bad Habit” is a tense, yet thoughtful recollection of a relationship gone bad – a universal theme that everyone can relate to and  “You’ve Got That Way” is slow, romantic and is carried along by a subtle organ and piano body.  “This Is Not The End” sounds like a radio hit – building slowly and hitting solid stride after the first chorus.

The most important thing about Liz Longley is that she knows how to craft a song; her lyrical skill is equal to her tunesmithy and the two blend and balance one another perfectly.  With her sweet, and at times, breathy vocals, all the parts come together to create a fully embraceable sound.  So glad to have heard this album.  Easily said – I am a believer.  Liz Longley does, indeed, have IT.


Liz Longley will be released on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015


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