a2653744527_10If you’re like me, you’ve sort of missed that easygoing, loungey, ethereal pop sound that was circulating in the 90s indie scene. Artists like Sean Lennon (his first album, Into the Sun, is a perfect example) and Cibo Matto, now experiencing a remarkable comeback, pontificated that heaven-on-Earth sound. Now, it’s Mango Dreamers’ turn to take a shot.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the duo is based in Southern California, although their throwback bossa nova and jazz influences might lead the listener to believe they’re listening to an undiscovered gem of the ’50s or ’60s remixed by a hot club DJ. Mango Dreamers’ self-titled debut is perfect to throw on while puttering around the house, or taking a long drive. Its eclectic, but beautiful, cornucopia of sounds elevates an ordinary day; while its impact might be subliminal, it’s far from just background music.

Over 10 tracks, the Dreamers weave electronica and jazz reminiscent of bands like the Cardigans into something completely their own. By the fourth track, the magnificently bouncy “Your Eyes,” they’ve hit their stride. Of any of the songs, this is their strongest – and the one you won’t be able to turn off. Meanwhile, for the more traditional among us, try “How Long” with its lounge shuffle and breezy vocals.

Though the band might not have that big-name recognition just yet, keep listening. Their debut is an important mile-marker on where pop music is, and where it’s headed. For years, bands like Beach House have been, perhaps unconsciously, slowly slipping towards the unadulteratedly airy pop stylings of yesterdecades. Guaranteed that hundreds of garage bands are doing the same thing. Mango Dreamers is already there, on the forefront, waiting for the wave to strike. But by the time it does, they will be ready to take on all challengers.

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