Australian-born, Los Angeles-residing Mia Dyson is a new name for me; a singer-songwriter who upon, first listen, sings like Bonnie Raitt and/or Stevie Nicks being backed by Elvis Costello’s Attractions – Idyllwild is her second album and the title track gets the proceedings off to a rousing start of melody and 100-m.p.h. energy.  “Growing Up” is a slowdown from the rush of the opener but is filled with a good sense of tension and a nice build up to the chorus with a full backing chorus.  “When We’re Older” is the single (and video, down below) and kicks hard; “She Can’t Take The World” is a very POP song which would be a perfect second single – Farfisa figures carry the body of the song; “Crazy Horse” is another of the slower tracks – of which this album does tend to slow down – but has a warmth and feel to it that reminds me of the best “classic rock” I grew up with and still treasure; love the guitar sound on this and the melody.

Overall, a good effort.  I’d be curious to now explore more of her work.  Great production, especially on the tight gate used for her vocals.  I’d love to hear more songs that have the fire and power of “Idyllwild” and “She Can’t Take The World” – that may be where her strength really lies because those tracks make you sit up and take notice.  But I do recommend you check Idyllwild and Mia Dyson out.


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