It’s not enough that Paul Weller recently released his first soundtrack/score for the movie “Jawbone”; he now offers us his latest studio creation, A Kind Revolution.  After the breathtaking one-two punch of his last two dynamic and – for him – groundbreaking albums, Sonik Kicks and Saturns Pattern, you’d think he’d revert into a more “safe” musical terrain…  but he doesn’t.  And that’s one of the things you absolutely have to love and admire about Paul Weller – his tenacity, drive and desire to keep pushing forward musically – to go where he hasn’t before or to make those familiar places re-bloom with added color.  That’s exactly what he does here.

“Long Long Road” is a total stunner, with its pure soul feel – piano, tasteful guitars, Hammond B3, strings and one of Weller’s finest vocal performances in his storied career – you cannot help but be touched by the overwhelming beauty of this track on all levels; the sound and delivery is incredible – this is about as “spiritual” as I’ve ever heard him, with a piece on par with something like “Let It Be”; “Woo Se Mama” is a get-down, modern groove that just shouts “exuberance” and joy and is a perfect opener; “She Moves With The Fayre” is a wonderfully disjointed funk workout, which shows Weller in an experimental mood (and good for him); “New York” has a truly “New York”-vibe about it; Latin flavors, atmospheric, a stridently funky bass line and just right and “Nova” is (for me) the shocker – it has a 1980/81 “new wave” feel with its synth bleeps – I hate to say it, but it has shades of The Cars!  But that’s what makes it great – venturing into previously uncharted waters.

So am I surprised that Weller has done it again?  No, not really.  Go back to 2010’s Wake Up The Nation.  It was as if he was completely musically reinvigorated with that incredible work.  He’s been on a roll ever since.  And God knows, if that doesn’t give you musical comfort, nothing will.  It certainly does my soul good.


A Kind Revolution is currently available

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