After nine albums, Austin’s Shurman are now gearing  up to drop a monumentally fine piece of music with East Side Of Love, their tenth, and arguably, most personal record.  Driven by Aaron Beavers’ soul-filled and soulful songwriting, this is about as good as it gets – pure American rock & roll with a lot of heart and some very Band-like arrangements.

Getting right into it, the album’s title track sounds like something off Music From Big Pink; full of just-right organ fills, tasteful country-fied guitar runs and acoustic undertones, plus some very singing-from the heart; “Never Gonna Quit” has a rockin’ feel with meaty guitar riffs, great and tight harmonies and a full, pure sound.  Most importantly, it’s a song about hope and the message comes across, loud and clear.  “If I Could I Would” has a down-home, deep Southern flavor with great sounding reverbed guitars and a sinister chord structure; “Saving It Up” is a yearning, perfect country-rock piece – mournful yet sweet, “See You Smile” is a get-down country/boogie groover and “I Don’t Know Why” reminds me of a stark, acoustic Alex Chilton-styled piece, which builds up in a dramatic and absolutely spot-on fashion.

There are so many great tracks on this album, I can’t help but think Shurman will finally get the recognition that’s so long-overdue and richly deserved.  Most bands would kill for at least one or two songs of this kind of quality.  Shurman have delivered eleven stellar tracks; the production is top notch and the feel (key word:  feel) of this album is there.  So now listen for yourselves and take this one to your hearts.  It’s personal – and that’s a very good thing, indeed.



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