This seven-piece (!) Brooklyn-based outfit comes with a Broadway/theatre pedigree, as it’s driven by Kyle Jarrow, an Obie-award winning writer and his wife, lead singer, Lauren Worsham, who’s a Tony award nominee.  Usually, I’m a bit put off by “theatre rock”; it’s usually too pompous for its own good; too bombastic and same sounding – all technique and no heart – but this – this is GREAT.

Opening with an angular, choppy guitar that just grabs you on “The Watcher”, the track has an early ’80’s pop feel, with its synth lines and overall structure but is an immediate favorite.  The vocals are strong; the harmonies on the chorus are tight and damn, this is already really good.  I can easily imagine this fitting into the playlists of the wonderful, late-lamented WLIR radio.  “Regret It In The Morning” carries the same driving thrust; a propulsive bass line, melodic and catchy; “Doctor” motors along in a manner reminiscent of Howard Devoto’s “The Rainy Season” – a sculpted, dramatic and powerful piece and “Vampire” has neatly off-kilter guitar riffs circling the melody and vocals.

“Run Away” is a slower, darker piece with striking violin and piano interjections that help build the tension; “Rapture” has a later-period Cure feel with the melody and rhythm (but some very uplifting backing harmonies) and “Beautiful Monster” with its slighty demented piano and lyrics (“If you leave me, I will rip your face off – that’s how much I love you…”) is a brilliant – albeit looney waltz of sorts.  Absolutely striking stuff.

It’s greatly refreshing to hear an album that has so much width to it – yes, there are some songs that fit a certain vein and I’m more than fine with that.  It’s adventurous, melodic, weird and absolutely brilliant.  Sky Pony, I think, are set to ride high.


Beautiful Monster will be released on Friday, December 4th, 2015


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