This Delaware-based mixed-media project is the brainchild of Nick Krill and Joe Hobson, two members of The Spinto Band, who have crafted a very solid and technically proficient self-titled debut album.  Aided and abetted by two visual artists, Albert Birney (of Vimeo’s Simply Sylvio series) and Catharine Maloney, the songs have a fine texture and sense of atmospherics – all encased in some quality melodies.

The pleasing sounds of Teen Men begins with “Hiding Records (So Dangerous)”, which has a neat, early ’80’s Split Enz-feel; “Adventure Kids” is a radio-friendly pop number with quirks and “It’s All Rushing Back” has some very nice harmonies and some under-produced electronic instrumentation (very early ’80’s, again).  “Township (Not Sure)” has a taut crispness about it (there’s something so familiar yet so enjoyable about this track); “Fall Out A Tree” has a rich soundscape and “Kids Being Kids” has some delicious synth patterns that close out a collection of some very retro-based music.  All of which is very good.

An impressive debut to be sure.  Teen Men seem to have a very clear idea of what they want this project to be – and they’ve used the blueprints of an era which is very near and dear to me.  Well done.


Teen Men is available now


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