At long last, New Jersey’s hardest working band, The Cynz, have a full-length release.  A few facts, however – this is (predominantly) a compilation of tracks released on their prior E.P.’s and as singles; you may already have them; this album is right now available only as an import and…  so what?  If you haven’t already had a chance to hear and get to know The Cynz, here’s a perfect opportunity to get all their garage-rockin’ tracks in one place.  This is a band that’s always gigging, playing their hearts out and simultaneously getting legions of new fans, thanks to their tireless energy and enthusiasm during one of their shows.  And recorded, they’re just as dynamic.

Among the fine examples served up on this album, ironically titled Superfan, is the title cut.  “Superfan” appeared a few months ago as a single – raw, ballsy, riff-rock, aided by lead singer Cyndi Dawson’s cut-the-bullshit vocal delivery; the track “Right To Your Grave” (easily The Cynz’ finest moment), Henry Seiz’ guitar sounds both alive and crisp while the darkness of the lyrics and desperation of the vocals balance out the Rickenbacker chimes.  “Blame It On The Kiss” and “Weight Of The World” , two earlier Cynz standouts, have radio-friendliness written all over them and “Mean Girls”, with its machine gun drums, frenetic energy and singalong approach, is a crowd pleaser and a welcome addition to a Cynz album.

So why not let yourself hear what people are buzzing about?  And equally important – once you find a copy of this album, SEE what the story is, live.  In a time when there’s such a dearth of bands that play with everything they’ve got, it’s refreshing and reassuring to know The Cynz are out there.



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