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You may as well give up any notions of resistance to The Weeklings, because this is quite simply, the good old fashioned rock and roll we ALL grew up with – built around the sound and style of The Fabs and really, really done well.  Add to that doing songs The Beatles never released (save for a version of “That Means A Lot” which is closer to “And I Love Her” and “You Know What To Do”) and you’ve got something fun and completely enjoyable.

Having been signed to the resurging Jem Recordings (it’s so hard to NOT say “Jem Records”!), the four-piece from New Jersey:  Ramblin’ Dave (Dave Anthony) on drums, Zeek (Bob Burger) on guitar, Lefty (Glen Burtnick) on bass and Rocky (John Murjave) on guitar – give it their all with this clever British-beat group gathering of 12 songs – half of them, as said, tracks written by but never officially released by The Beatles – the sound is convincing, the joy infectious and well, this is a winner.  Monophonic is a GO.

“One And One Is Two” and “I’m In Love” sound like what The Beatles’ versions should have sounded like; The Weeklings take Cilla Black’s “It’s For You” and make it a “proper” Beatles song – it takes skill.  When you’re trying to approximate the greatest band of all time and you’re succeeding, well, damn it, that’s pretty good, isn’t it?  Especially when you have your own original material mixed in – THAT’S the bigger feather in the cap.  Burtnik-Burger originals “Mona Lisa”, “Leave Me With My Pride” and “If I Was In Love” hit the nail on the head each time.

This early in 2015 and I’ve got another album that ranks among the year’s best – but at the same time, these songs are all unforgettable so how can it not be an instant favorite?  Always out playing live and killing it every time – isn’t it time you meet The Weeklings?


Monophonic is released Tuesday, March 10th, 2015




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