This sophomore effort from Waiting For Henry is the perfect elixir to a hot, uninspiring summer – breezy, melodic and guitar-laden end-to-end.  The New York/New Jersey-rooted band has hit stride and helping to give the songs even greater impact is the production work of the legendary Mitch Easter, as it was recorded down at Easter’s Fidelitorium in Kernersville, North Carolina and has the mark of some of Easter’s best know and most acclaimed work (especially Reckoning).

The wall of guitar sound gets proceedings underway with the heavy but gripping “Musconetcong”; aside from the fiery solo, the delicious acoustic guitars can be not only felt but heard along with some very well-placed harmonies; “Gutterball” sounds like a manic, runaway train revisitation of “Driver 8” that goes at breakneck speed but leaves you beating out the rhythm along the track; “Flipclock” is more sedate and subdued but has a feel that makes this one of the album’s standouts – and listen for those multiple harmonies and “Palms” is simple, down-home new country – the right amount of twang and emotional impact.  “Could It Be” is easily a single – as radio-ready as the day is long and those backing vocals are instantly classic and “Angel On The Run” is another standout – a straightforward rocker with hints of psychedelic swirl.

A dozen songs that wake you up and give you pause to think and enjoy.  It used to be that the second album was a make-or-break thing for bands, but so many releases have come and succeeded that no newer bands need worry about such a cliche – at least Waiting For Henry doesn’t.  This is a confident, solid and completely on-the-one effort.


Town Called Patience will be released Friday, August 26th, 2016

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