A few months ago, we were pleased to premiere for you the first new music from Waterloo, Ontario’s Will Currie & The Country French in three years, “No Nothing”.  The story went that Will Currie and The Country French broke up in 2012; earlier this year,  Currie was asked to write a song for a cartoon series, ”Cyanide and Happiness” — as well as the song requested, he completed a song cycle which became the band’s new  album, They Killed Us.  The wry humor behind this album is by the end, none of the band’s members are left, having been lyrically killed off, one by one.

Opening with the title track, which is an vintage-style piano shuffle, crooned and festooned with orchestra arrangements, it leads to “Mother’s Got A New Son”, which begins slow and mournful but then turns jaunty with an off-time rhythm and into “The Duke In Berlin” – a piano/torch ballad.  “No, Nothing” has already been aired (“Rufus Wainright meets Brian Wilson”); “Philadelphia” is upbeat in a Ben Folds way; “Danger” is both beautiful and dramatic – the musical body of this album is piano and vocals with only the lightest (but highly skillful) “band” accompaniment.

A quiet affair, this is an album for an evening of quiet contemplation and thoughtful discussion.  A solid effort from Will Currie & The Country French.

They Killed Us is available now


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