In the past decade or so, music has seen a resurgence of empowered female artists. Voices like Hayley Williams of Paramore, the resilient Rihanna, and revered singer-songwriter Sia have ushered in a renaissance — we are women, hear us roar!

Add to that list Alexandra, an Australian songstress who takes the music industry by the ears and leads it in a new direction. Unafraid to tell her truth, she embraced the label of “unusual,” stamped on her by a teacher, and used it to create a career on her own terms and sound that’s majorly shaking up playlists around the world.

Inspired by echoing gunshots on a nearby farm, Alexandra took the melody she heard in the pops and bangs as a basis for her new single “Criminal.” Adding lyrics and arrangements, she illustrates her creative process, which is anything but typical. ”It’s like being possessed when a wave of inspiration hits [me],” she says. “It won’t let go until what needs to be said has been said and explored from every abstract angle.”

Take a listen to “Crinimal” below and see if you can discern the part that gunshots played in its creation.

And take a peek at “Criminal”‘s must-see music video:

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