One of the most dramatic success stories of 2007 is Amy Winehouse, who first captivated us with her stunningly retro hit, “Rehab”, then flew off the rails in a haze of drug and self-abuse. As the UK tabloids detail a life in quick decline, one can only hope that this immensely talented individual will eventually win out over the demons that seek to thwart her rise to greatness. Whether you dig her music, or not, I am hopeful that your prayers will be with her and that we are able to hear more from this potentially legendary artist.

I, too, entered a period where success sought to bring out every insecurity I had in myself. Every time you’re told you aren’t good enough, every time the kids in school make fun of you, every time your parents criticize you, will be magnified ten-fold the closer you get to realizing your dream. Alcohol brought me out of my shell when video shoots, photo shoots, and press interviews required that I be something other than the introverted person that I was 97% of the time. That was as far as it went, though. No hard stuff. I can only imagine that if I had been exposed to the things Amy has been exposed to, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog. Sad to say, really.

Even sadder is the idea that Amy might not pull out of this tailspin and that she might be so devoid of self-respect that she allows herself to succumb to the voices that tell her she isn’t good enough. She IS good enough, goddammit. It’s a fuckin’ sad-ass world if she’s unable to allow herself to believe that when it matters most.

My thoughts and prayers are with this crazy, lost, mixed-up girl who’s no different than the rest of us when it comes to feeling like shit sometimes. She’s got that special something, though…something that you can’t necessarily describe…and I hope she sticks around.

Enjoy the tracks!

Back To Black
He Can Only Hold Her
I Heard Love Is Blind
Just Friends
Know You Now
Me And Mr. Jones
Take The Box
Tears Dry On Their Own
You Know I’m No Good

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