Ash Reiter, "Hola"Over the past two years, Bay Area songstress Ash Reiter has been hard at work on her second full-length album, Hola. While the album isn’t expected to be released until November, the recently-launched Kickstarter campaign (running now through September 7) to help Ash with printing and production is designed to help make that projected release schedule a reality with some fun and unusual donor perks. Some of the more exciting donor gifts include personal trips to go spelunking, surfing, skydiving, and riding in a hot air balloon. If you’re not so deep-pocketed but still would like to take advantage of Ash and crew’s endearingly gregarious qualities, some of the more affordable social options include a live backyard performance, personalized home recordings, and a full-band serenade on your front door step. Hopefully Ash has a documentarian lined up to capture what promises to be a hilarious process of doling out all these gifts.

In the meantime, we do have a first glimpse now at how the sound of Ash and her band has evolved on Hola. Not only that, we get to hear it alongside a cute n’ comical new video, directed by Ann Arbor, Michigan-based artist Christine Hucal.

“I’ve Got Something I Can Laugh About” is Ash’s most Beatlesque moment to date (think of the fab four’s early sound circa 1963-64), along with a wash of background vocal harmonies straight out of Flaming Lips and Of Montreal territory. Given the song’s theme of embarrassment, the video appropriately follows a series of painful mishaps on the part of a giant stuffed rabbit. It’s not all tears and suffering for this bunny, though. If you’ve ever watched Trix commercials and wished that the Trix rabbit would smash those smug kids’ faces into some cream pies, well, this is your lucky day.

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