Yes, at I’ve already run down my picks for the year’s standout albums, my 2014 mixtape suggestions and my ratings for new albums by artists over 50. But that’s not everything that graced our earbuds this past year. Herewith, then, are the winners of the first annual Music Notable Awards, otherwise known as the stuff that didn’t fit in any other category.

“¢ Notable Performance By A Dead Person: Johnny Cash, ”Out Among The Stars.”

“¢ Notable Performance By Two Dead People: Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, ”Baby Ride Easy,” the standout track from that album.

“¢ Notable Use Of A Hologram: The vinyl edition of ”Lazaretto” by Jack White (which also features one side that plays from the middle out; mind = blown).

“¢ Notable Revival Of The Phrase ”Ooga-Chucka”: ”Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix No. 1.”

“¢ Notable Unexpected Sex Reference Leading To Parental Embarrassment: ”Don’t,” Ed Sheeran.

“¢ Notable Surprise Live Album: Kingsley Flood, ”Live at the Armory.”

“¢ Notable Live Album You’d Be Forgiven For Thinking Was Recorded In An Ice Cream Shop: Leland Sundries, ”Live at the Creamery” (it’s actually a studio in Brooklyn).

“¢ Notable Crooner My Wife Mixes Up With Sam Harris, The 1984 ”Star Search” Winner: Sam ”Stay With Me” Smith.

“¢ Notable Cover You Probably Didn’t See Coming: ”Staying Alive,” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Brisbane, Australia (yes, that ”Staying Alive”).

“¢ Notable Re-release You May Not Be Able To Lift: ”The Album Collection, Vol. 1,” Bruce Springsteen.

“¢ Notable Official Bootleg You May Not Be Able To Lift: ”The Basement Tapes Complete,” Bob Dylan.

“¢ Notable Surprisingly Good Bob Dylan Tribute Album: ”Bob Dylan in the ’80s: Volume One.”

“¢ Notable Use Of Lyrics Bob Dylan Scribbled On A Napkin: ”Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes.”

“¢ Notable Tribute Album You Might Nod Off During, But In A Good Way (Sorta): ”Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne.”

“¢ Notable Katy Perry Song That Didn’t Prompt Me To Go ”Ugh, Who Is This?” Every Time I Heard It: ”Roar.”

“¢ Notable Unplugged: R.E.M., ”Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions.”

“¢ Notable Plugged: Foo Fighters, ”Sonic Highways.”

“¢ Notable ”Douchey Blonde Wig” (to quote the artist): ”Weird Al” Yankovic, ”First World Problems” video.

“¢ Notable Elton John Cover Endorsed By My Teenage Daughter: ”Bennie and the Jets” by Miguel, from ”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” 40th anniversary Super Deluxe edition.

“¢ Notable Best-Selling Album Of The Year That Made Me Happy My Daughter Is No Longer 6: ”Frozen” soundtrack. Let it go, already.

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