A few weeks ago, I threatened to bombard all of you with pleas for donations to our friend Malchus’ upcoming walk for cystic fibrosis research. I haven’t followed through on that, partly because I suck at time management, but also because I’m leery of hitting you guys up for money. That isn’t what you come here for Á¢€” I know that. And the mood in this place is generally so goofy that talking about a terminal disease makes for a pretty jarring transition.

But a jarring transition never hurt anybody, and I still believe that these communities we’ve built up in the musoblogosphere can be good for more than just talking about music. Over 1700 of you come here every day Á¢€” if just a fraction saw it in their hearts to part with a few bucks, the results would be:well, they’d be wonderful. They’d say we’re all more than just a bunch of thieving filesharers. They’d prove wrong every instinct I have about the vast majority of our readers. And they’d make a difference in some lives.

It hasn’t happened yet. Not only are we still short of our goal, I’m pretty sure we still have more prizes than donors Á¢€” and they’re great prizes. A number of authors and musicians have been incredibly generous with their work, and I can’t understand how it makes any sense for that generosity to be wasted. I’ll tell you one thing Á¢€” come hell or high water, next month, I’m giving away a 250 GB hard drive that I’ve stuffed full of music. Earning a chance to win that hard drive is as simple as a few clicks. I’m just sayin’.

And now a word from Malchus:

With the Great Strides walk a little over a week away, the stress is starting to set in. You set a fundraising goal and you try your damndest not only to reach it, but also to far surpass it. When something as wonderful as the Bloggers For A Cure idea comes around, you pray that people will grasp its potential and climb aboard. Sadly, most of the people who have donated to the site are the actual bloggers who set up the fundraiser. So I’m reaching out to all of you one last time this year, please, donate to the Great Strides Walk and help us find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

It doesn’t take much effort. A couple clicks of the mouse and ta-da, it’s done. I’m not asking for much. Ten, twenty, fifty bucks. I
know there are some kick ass prizes available, but who gives a shit, folks! You already get a prize each and every time you come to jefitoblog download the music he has to offer to you. How many of you would shell out ten bucks for a subscription to the site each month to help keep it up and running? Consider your donation to Bloggers For A Cure this month’s subscription fee.

I know, I know. The economy blows. I feel it in my pocketbook, too. Everyone does. Gas is about to be four fucking dollars a gallon! So I realize I’m asking for a small sacrifice. But believe me, this sacrifice counts! Cystic fibrosis is considered an orphan disease and pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to fund research into new medicines. Therefore, it’s up to the CF Foundation to fund the trials of new medicines. And that costs money.

Watching my son go through what he does rips my heart out EVERY TIME. There are days when I’m able to suppress the anger and the fear, but watching him do breathers and take 11 different medicines a day takes its toll. And I’m not the one with the disease. Jake is a hero, an example for all of us to follow. He’s been dealt a shitty hand and seems to accept it with a smile: a great big LOVING smile that would melt your heart if you could see it now.

And I feel helpless. Helpless because I’m not a doctor or a scientist and I can’t find a cure for cystic fibrosis. Helpless because my brain can’t wrap itself around so many of the terms and conditions of the disease. Helpless because a monster has its dull nails around my heart and it digs a little deeper each day. I hate that thought. Death. I pride myself at being an optimist, but so many of my thoughts drift back to the possible, horrible outcome of my son’s life. Even writing these thoughts pisses me off because I feel like I letting hope slip away one thought at a time.

The only thing I know how to do is love my son and do whatever I can to help make sure the CF Foundation continues to get the money they need to someday find a cure. So, please, I’m asking one last time:click on the link and make a donation. You can and WILL change people’s lives.

Thank you.
Scott Malchus

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