Those of you who have been keeping track of the multi-blogging fundraising sensation that is Bloggers for a Cure may already know this, but yesterday marked the end of our donation drive. The donors did their parts, and now Malchus has done his, participating in the Great Strides Walk in Valencia yesterday.

I’m pleased to report that, due to the generosity of many people, over $1900 was raised. The fact that we were able to attract this much money on so little notice, and with fairly minimal effort, says something important to me about our online community. To anyone who donated, or wanted to donate: Thank you.

Now comes the fun part, where we get to give stuff away. I imagine we’ll start that process in the coming week. Because there were so many prizes being offered, anyone who donated stands a pretty decent chance of coming away with a gift, so if that’s you, keep an eye on your inbox. I think we’d like to make this an annual/semi-annual thing, so if you weren’t able to participate, don’t fret Á¢€” we’ll settle on another worthy cause before long. Thanks again, everyone!

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