Bee Gees – A Kick in the Head is Worth Eight in the Pants (1970)

Robin Gibb – Sing Slowly Sisters (1970)

Huzzah, bitches! It’s Twofer Day here in Bootleg City!

Actually, since the files I have for Robin Gibb’s unreleased second solo album were sadly ripped at 128 kbps — and are of highly questionable fidelity besides — it’s probably a little more like 1.5-fer Day, but whatever, I suck at math. Anyway, here’s a whole crapload of stuff by the assorted Brothers Gibb that was recorded, and left unreleased, in 1970.

I’d always heard that the fantastically titled Kick in the Head was rejected by the Gibbs’ label; according to the AMG, the Bee Gees themselves made the decision to pull the album. Either way, it’s neither as fanciful nor as bad as you might expect for an unreleased LP. It sounds pretty much exactly like late-’60s, pre-disco, orchestral fluff ‘n stuff Bee Gees. Those of you who are partial to their disco records (or who, like me, prefer their post-’85 output) may not find much of interest in here; especially heard through modern ears, these performances and productions are unbelievably melodramatic and over the top.

And yet.

The Gibbs, through all their decades of activity, every trend they surfed, and every chart they topped, never forgot how to write a memorable song. Okay, so their lyrics were sometimes impenetrably fuzzy–they still knew their way around a melody. And so they do here.

Now, as far as Robin’s concerned, I have less to say — I’ve always preferred Barry’s more conventional (non-falsetto) vocals to his brother’s watery warble. I know this puts me in the minority among Bee Gees fans. I don’t care. Anyway, Sing Slowly Sisters has kind of a fuzzy backstory; it was recorded during the Bee Gees’ brief late-’60s breakup, and its shelving may have had more to do with their reunion than anything else. As always, I’m willing to bet there’s an astute reader or two out there who can fill in the blanks.

I’ve gone on long enough. Download! Enjoy! Have a helluva weekend!

Bee Gees – Elisa
Bee Gees – Wouldn’t I Be Someone
Bee Gees – A Lonely Violin
Bee Gees – Losers And Lovers
Bee Gees – Home Again Rivers
Bee Gees – Harry’s Gate
Bee Gees – Rocky LA
Bee Gees – Castles In The Air
Bee Gees – Where Is Your Sister
Bee Gees – It Doesn’t Matter Much To Me
Bee Gees – King And Country
Bee Gees – Jesus In Heaven
Bee Gees – Life Am I Wasting My Time
Bee Gees – Dear Mr. Kissinger

Robin Gibb – Sing Slowly Sisters
Robin Gibb – Life
Robin Gibb – C’est La Vie, Au Revoir
Robin Gibb – Everything Is How You See Me
Robin Gibb – I’ve Been Hurt
Robin Gibb – Irons In The Fire
Robin Gibb – Cold Be My Days
Robin Gibb – Avalanche
Robin Gibb – The Flag That I Flew
Robin Gibb – Sky West And Crooked
Robin Gibb – Sky West And Crooked 2
Robin Gibb – Make Believe
Robin Gibb – All’s Well That Ends Well
Robin Gibb – A Very Special Day
Robin Gibb – Engines And Airplanes
Robin Gibb – Great Caesar’s Ghost
Robin Gibb – Janice
Robin Gibb – You’re Going Away

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