Okay, remember last week, when I told you about our good friend Joe and how he’d made it possible for you to hear that sweet Joe Jackson bootleg?

Well, this week he’s done it again. Thanks to Joe’s largess (and per our pal Tim’s request), here’s not one, not two, but thirty-one demos as recorded by everyone’s favorite producer/recording artist du jour, Mr. Jon Brion.

I don’t know much about these recordings (in fact, embarrassingly enough, I’ve never bought or listened to Brion’s solo album, Meaningless), but if you’re into smart pop music, this’ll do you up right on a sunny Friday morning. Let Joe know how you feel, brothers and sisters…we’re all about the love here.

I’ll Take You Anyday
Pray for Rain
All for Nothing
As Bad as You
Citgo Sign
Strings That Tie to You
Handed Down
Don’t Make Me Fall In Love With You
Everybody Knows
I’ll Never Forgive Myself
Happy Birthday
No One Can Hurt Me
Pray For Rain (Jungle Version)
All The While
Through With You
Her Ghost
Everything Makes You Sad
Love At The Bottom
Easy To Fool
All Coming Back To Me Now
I’m Not Going Anywhere
C’mon Baby
So What If Her Heart Is Broken
Popular One
Breakdown Lane
Anything’s Possible
Not Ready Yet
Hook Line And Sinker
Heart Of Dysfunction

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