Here’s a question for you, music lovers: Which band or artist, in your opinion, is the most overrated of the rock era?

For me, it’s easy: Jim Morrison and/or The Doors. I can defend myself if called upon to do so, but my top choice isn’t the point of this post. This is all about my good friend Py Korry, and what is hopefully the first installment in an ongoing series over at his blog, in which Ted quizzes an unrepentant fanboy (or girl) of a band whose music, for Ted, has no appeal.

I’m telling you, it’s awesome. It has endless possibilities.

If you like the first installment, Interview With a Dead Head, bug him for more. He’s easily influenced.

And not to get too far ahead of myself, but:speaking of blog audio, there’s a pretty good chance that Mr. Korry and I will be doing a regular joint podcast in the near future:

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