Okay, folks, this is it — as of tonight, my desktop will be packed up in boxes. As of tomorrow, it’ll be on the moving truck, bound for New Hampshire. And as of early Tuesday morning, I’ll be in my car, starting the long journey east.

What does this mean for you? Hopefully, not much:I’m trying to upload as many files ahead of time as possible, and if I manage to find the time today, I’m going to go out and buy one of those fancy-dancy thumb drives. I’ll have my laptop in the car, along with other drivers, so I may actually have more time to write than I have lately.

But if things don’t work out the way I want, and there are hiccups here and there in the posting schedule, you’ll know why. I’ll be in transit until, I think, July 2. I’m not sure yet when our stuff will be arriving at the new house. I know I’ve had a number of technical difficulties here lately, folks, but just bear with me for a week or two:

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