I realize that many of you think I sit around listening to Toto and Big Country all day, but it ain’t so. Well, not that I don’t listen to those bands, but that’s on account of how I listen to everything, and the artists I cover here don’t follow any pattern of rhyme or reason. There are a lot of artists and records I absolutely love and just haven’t gotten around to writing about yet.

One of them is Marshall Crenshaw, who burst onto the scene as the kid brother Buddy Holly never had in 1982, then dropped into flaming obscurity. Lots of career trajectories aren’t fair, and Crenshaw’s is one of them — as great as his debut album is, he released (and continues to release) a lot of worthwhile stuff after it came out, and none of it sold for anything. I believe Crenshaw is due for one of those 20-20 hindsight career reevaluations at some point; until then, these b-sides and unreleased cuts will just be between us.

Enjoy your stay in Bootleg City this week!

You Belong To Me
(You’re My) Favorite Waste of Time
All or Nothing at All
Bad Boy
Crying, Waiting, Hoping
I Hate Disco Music
I’d Do It Over Again
It’s Only A Movie (But But)
Jungle Rock
Little Sister
Oh My Lady
Rave On
Rock On
She Can’t Dance (shake version)
Silver Wings
Until I Hear It From You (live)
What I Didn’t Want to Do

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