By “2,” I mean “3,” of course. But if you’re having trouble following my byzantine internal logic, then allow me to explain.

I was going to give you discs two and three of Patty Griffin’s massive “Love From My Lips” compilation today so Bootleg City could close out 2008 with a bang, but about half of the MP3s I have for disc two are damaged — they start late, they end early, there’s six seconds of silence at the beginning of some songs, Satan’s voice is buried too deep in the mix to even be subconsciously audible, etc. Until I can find complete versions of each track, I’m going to hold off on giving you disc two and just offer disc three instead. (For information on the songs’ origins, click here.) Look at it this way: You now have the bread for a Patty Griffin bootleg sandwich. In January, with any luck, you’ll get the meat. Or pimento cheese. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or peanut butter and honey, my personal favorite. Look, the point is, it’s your audio sandwich — I’ll provide the music, but you have to provide your own food metaphors.

It Suits Me Well
At Last
Wayfaring Stranger
Catherine’s Magic Stone
People Get Ready
Tracks of My Tears
Breaking Up Somebody’s Home
Take It With Me
Never Been to Spain
Half a Person
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Racing in the Streets
Ruby’s Arms
My Baby Needs a Shepherd
Lost and Lookin’
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
Dirty Old Town
J’irai la Voir un Jour
Mansion on the Hill
Her Majesty

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