As I mentioned last week, an anonymous donor sent me disc two of Patty Griffin’s “Love From My Lips” bootleg after I whined on January 16 about not having a glitch-free copy to share here. Many, many thanks, John Doe. If I whine some more about the economy, will you send me a glitch-free copy of that too?

Another donor sent me a soundboard recording of Griffin’s “Ruby’s Arms” from a performance at Oberlin College in 2002; a rougher version can be found on disc three of “Love From My Lips.” According to him, “The first three beats of the third bar have been copied over the first three beats of the first bar” to remove some applause at the beginning of the track. This will surely cause controversy among the audio purists who hang out at Popdose, but I have a feeling my decision to replace Griffin’s vocals with excerpts from Rod Blagojevich’s most hilarious prank calls will cause even more. Unfortunately for you, I’m the ruler of Bootleg City — if you don’t like it, move to Greenland. (It’s icy there, but the economy’s not on thin ice the way it is in the confusingly green country of Iceland. Not yet, anyway.)

Made of Clay
Truth #1
A Place to Stand
Heart of the Wound
Holy Water
Buck Naked Heart
No More Illusions
Boxes on the Lawn
Nail in the Coffin
Long Ride Home
Falling Down
Calling Me Home
So Long
Nobody’s Crying

Ruby’s Arms [Live in Oberlin, Ohio: 5/11/02]

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