It’s Friday, my friends — welcome back to Bootleg City! I hope you like some fruit with your breakfast, because this morning, our new friend Bill is sharing two heaping helpings of Raspberries with all y’all. After the vicious pounding Eric Carmen’s been taking here this week, I thought it was only appropriate to soften the blow a little.

Anyway, that’s right, I said two helpings — here are two early ’70s Raspberries gigs. The first, a radio broadcast in Frankfurt from ’73:

Go All the Way
Come Around and See Me
Going Nowhere Tonight
Nobody Knows
Rock & Roll Mama
If You Change Your Mind
I Wanna Be With You

And then, here’s Cleveland in ’74:

I’m a Rocker
I Can Hardly Believe You’re Mine
Play On
Money Down
Rose Colored Glasses
Party’s Over
All Over Now

Download! Enjoy!

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