Section 2: The Top 40

Brooks & Dunn hit the top 40 once in the decade with ”Husbands and Wives.”

Brother Beyond hit #27 in 1990 with their only hit, ”The Girl I Used To Know”

Back to the B-B-Brown hit the top 40 with ”Humpin’ Around,” ”Good Enough” and ”Get Away.”

Foxy Brown hit #7 in 1997 with ”I’ll Be” featuring Jay-Z.

Brownstone’s career begin with the #8 hit, ”If You Love Me.” In 1997 they also had a #39 hit with ”5 Miles To Empty.”

Peabo Bryson hit #9 in 1992 with ”Beauty and the Beast” dueting on the track with Celine Dion. Later in the year he would have his first #1 hit singing ”A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme)” with Regina Belle. That track also won him an Oscar and a Grammy for song of the year.

Bush hit the top 40 with both “Comedown” and “Glycerine.”

Busta Rhymes hit the top 40 with “Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check/Everything Remains Raw,” “Dangerous” “Turn It Up (remix)/Fire It Up” and “What’s It Gonna Be”

B*Witched hit #9 in 1999 with “C’Est La Vie.”

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