Section 2: The Top 40

Collective Soul hit the Top 40 with ”Shine,” ”December” and ”The World I Know”

Edwyn Collins went retro for the Empire Records soundtrack with the song, ”A Girl Like You” which peaked at #36.

Phil Collins hit the Top 40 with ”I Wish It Would Rain Down” ”Do You Remember?” ”Something Happened on the Way To Heaven” ”Hang in Long Enough” ”Both Sides of the Story” ”Everyday” and ”You’ll Be In My Heart.”

Tyler Collins had one top 10 hit with ”Girls Nite Out.”

Color Me Badd are the 26th ranked artist of the decade thanks to Top 40 hits like, ”I Wanna Sex You Up” ”I Adore Mi Amor” ”All 4 Love” ”Thinkin’ Back” ”Slow Motion” ”Forever Love” ”Time and Chance” ”Choose” and ”The Earth, The Sun, The Rain.”

Shawn Colvin’s only hit ”Sunny Came Home” got her Grammys for record and song of the year.

Concrete Blonde’s ”Joey” rose to #19 on the charts in 1990.

Coolio was one of the biggest rappers of the decade thanks to Top 40 hits like ”Fantastic Voyage” ”Gangsta’s Paradise” ”Too Hot” ”1,2,3,4 (Sumpin’ New)” ”It’s All the Way Live (Now)” and ”C U When U Get There”

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