Section 2: The Top 40

Erasure hit #20 with ”Always”

The Escape Club hit #8 in 1991 with ”I’ll Be There.”

Credited to ESPN Presents, ”The Jock Jam” hit #31 in 1997.

Gloria Estefan hit the top 40 with ”Coming Out of the Dark” ”Live For Loving You” ”Turn the Beat Around” ”Everlasting Love” and ”Heaven’s What I Feel”

Eternal hit #19 in 1994 with ”Stay”

Melissa Etheridge hit the top 40 with ”Come To My Window” ”I’m the Only One” ”If I Wanted To” I Want To Come Over” and ”Nowhere To Go.”

Faith Evans made it to the weekly radio show with ”You Used To Love Me” ”Soon As I Get Home” ”Love Like This” ”All Night Long” and ”Never Gonna Let You Go.” She also spent 11 weeks at the top with ”I’ll Be Missing You.”

Sara Evans hit #37 in late ’98 with ”No Place That Far”

Eve hit the top 40 with her first two singles, ”What Ya Want” and ”Gotta Man.”

Everlast hit #13 in 1998 with ”What It’s Like”

Everything hit the top 40 with ”Hooch” taking it to #4 in 1998.

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