Section 2: The Top 40

Alan Jackson hit #39 in 1999 with ”Little Man.”

Janet Jackson is the second biggest artist of the decade thanks to all of her hot 100 hits hitting the top 40. Her #1 tunes in the decade were: ”Escapade” ”Black Cat” ”Love Will Never Do (Without You)” That’s the Way Love Goes” ”Again” and ”Together Again.” She hit #2 with ”Come Back To Me” and ”Any Time, Any Place.” And the rest: ”Alright” ”The Best Things In Life Are Free” ”If” ”Because of Love” ”You Want This/70’s Love Groove” ”Scream” ”Runaway” and ”I Get Lonely,”

The King of Pop was the 20th biggest artist of the decade thanks to #1 hits, ”Black Or White” and ”You Are Not Alone.” He also hit the top 40 with ”Remember the Time” ”In the Closet” ”Jam” ”Heal the World” ”Who Is It” ”Will You Be There” ”Scream” ”Childhood” and ”They Don’t Care About Us”

Jade hit the top 40 with ”I Wanna Love You” ”Don’t Walk Away” ”One Woman” and ”Every Day of the Week”

Jagged Edge hit the top 40 with ”Gotta Be” and ”He Can’t Love You.”

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