Section 4: Bubbling Under

Mr. Kenny G bubbled under in 1994 with ”Even If My Heart Would Break”

David Kersh bubbled under with Goodnight Sweetheart”

Sammy Kershaw bubbled under with ”She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” and ”Third Rate Romance”

Hal Ketchum bubbled under with ”Stay Forever” and ”I Saw the Light”

Keystone bubbled under at #107 with ”If It Ain’t Love”

Khaleel hit #123 in 1999 with ”No Mercy”

Chaka Khan bubbled under in ’96 with ”Never Miss the Water”

Kid Capri bubbled under in 1998 with ”Unify”

Kid Rock bubbled under with ”Bawitdaba”

Wu-Tang affiliate member, Killarmy hit #101 with ”Wu-Renegades”

Kilo bubbled under with ”Nasty Dancer”

King Just bubbled under with ”No Flow On the Rodeo”

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