Section 2: The Top 40

The Lox hit #30 with “If You Think I’m Jiggy” and #17 with “Money, Power & Respect” with DMX and Lil’ Kim.

LSG hit #4 in 1997 with “My Body”

Lucas’s 15 minutes of fame came courtesy of “Lucas with the Lid Off” which hit #29 in 1994.

A contender for least known top 40 song of the ‘90s, is Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It” which went all the way to #8

Luscious Jackson hit #36 with “Naked Eye” in 1996

Craig Mack hit the big time with “Flava In Ya Ear” and “Get Down”

More contenders for least known top 40 songs, Mack 10 hit #38 with “Nothin’ but the Cavi Hit” and #37 with “Backyard Boogie”

Mad Cobra hit #13 with “Flex” in 1992.

Madonna was the third biggest artist of the decade thanks to top 40 hits, “Bad Girl,” “You Must Love Me,” “The Power of Good-Bye” and “Beautiful Stranger,” Top 10 hits, “Keep It Together” “Hanky Panky” “Rescue Me” “Erotica” “Deeper and Deeper” “Rain” “Secret” “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” “You’ll See” and “Ray of Light,” #2 hits “I’ll Remember” and “Frozen” and #1 smashes, “Vogue” “Justify My Love” “This Used To Be My Playground” and “Take A Bow.”

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