Section 3: The Airplay chart

Oasis hit the airplay chart with ”Live Forever” ”Champagne Supernova” ”D’you Know What I Mean?” and ”Don’t Go Away”

The Offspring’s first six charting songs all hit the airplay chart only. They were: ”Come Out and Play” ”Self Esteem” ”Gotta Get Away” ”Smash It Up” ”All I Want” and ”Gone Away”

OMC’s ”How Bizarre” hit #4 in 1997

Shaq hit #72 with ”Strait Playin’”

Section 4: Bubbling Under

The Ocean Blue bubbled under with ”Sublime”

Odds hit #120 with ”Someone Who’s Cool”

The Offspring bubbled under with ”The Kids Aren’t Alright”

The O’Jays bubbled under with ”Somebody Else Will”

Old School Junkies hit #102 in 1996 with ”The Funk Phenomena”

Oleander bubbled under with ”Why I’m Here” in 1999.

Alexander O’Neal hit #108 with ”Love Makes No Sense”

Shaq hit #103 with ”No Hook”

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