Section 2: The Top 40

Right off the bat, a contender for least known top 40 hit of the 90s in Peach Union’s ”On My Own” which hit #39 in 1997.

Pearl Jam hit the top 40 with ”Tremor Christ” ”I Got Id/Long Road” ”Who You Are” ”Given To Fly” and spent one week at #2 with ”Last Kiss”

Pebbles hit the top 40 with ”Giving You the Benefit” and ”Love Makes Things Happen”

Ce Ce Peniston hit the top 40 with ”Finally” ”We Got A Love Thang” ”Keep On Walkin’” and ”I’m in the Mood”

Michael Penn hit #13 with ”No Myth.”

Perfect Gentlemen hit #10 in 1990 with ”Ooh La La (I Can’t Get Over You)”

Steve Perry hit #29 with ”You Better Wait.”

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