Well, folks – it pains me to say it but for what I believe is the first time in the three years this series has run (minus a planned Mellowmas break the first year) there is no Bottom Feeders post this week. It’s been a taxing week of ups-and-downs and it just isn’t happening. But I give you this promise. Come back next Wednesday and you’ll see the biggest post of the entire series featuring the Smithereens, Squeeze, Billy Squier, the Boss and a lot more.

To hold you over, a guy named Walt Ribeiro contacted me recently to share a version of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” that he created and well, it’s damn good. Some of you may be familiar with the name or his project called, For Orchestra! He puts together orchestral versions of pop and rock songs and while that’s a dime a dozen these days, there’s something about his mixes that are really cool. They are both recognizable and have a little extra something to each to them to make them exciting. So I thought I would share to hold you over.

Check out his music and some of my favorites like, “Take On Me,” “Dr. Feelgood” or “Crazy Train.” Though you should be warned that not only is there some Rick Astley but he’s done that damn “Friday” song too. I mean, if he’s going to rework that one, then I’m going to request that he digs up “Dance Baby” by Alfonzo Ribeiro. Walt and Cousin Carlton are no relation but it would seem only fitting that he puts that to song too.

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