We all have our guilty pleasures, right? I know a guy in a death metal band who is a huge Carpenters fan. I like my 80’s music cheesy. I bought that Len record because I liked “Steal My Sunshine”, knowing full-well the album would suck. It sucked three times harder than that. I dig that OMC tune “How Bizarre”, but…oh, you get the point.

Anyhoo, Butch Walker is one of my less guilty pleasures. While his albums are usually pretty mixed affairs, I know he’s a talented dude and want to see him put one over the fence one of these days.

The following tracks (from a 2005 Japan tour and a 2003 hometown acoustic show) are available to DONATE TO CHARITY readers:

Radio Tokyo
Uncomfortably Numb
#1 Summer Jam
Last Flight Out
Best Thing You Never Had
Lights Out

Race Cars And Goth Rock
Diary Of A SF Valley Sexx Star
Don’t Move
Best Thing You Never Had
Cigarette Lighter Love Song
Freak Of The Week (with members of Marvelous 3)

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