Chris Trapper, "The Few & the Far Between"

The Push Stars are the perfect example of a band that could/would/should have been huge.  Their debut album, After the Party, was full of radio friendly pop-rock hits. They easily could have been just as successful as Matchbox Twenty, or at worst, have better name recognition than Eve 6. But as we all know, the music industry is cruel and heartless and the best bands are not always the biggest.

Fast forward 15 years and we find Push Stars lead singer Chris Trapper releasing his sixth solo record. However, The Few & the Far Between is almost a Push Stars reunion record. Almost. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Dan McLoughlin (Push Stars bassist) and features Ryan MacMillan (Current Matchbox Twenty and former Push Stars drummer) on drums.

The Few & the Far Between is Chris Trapper’s most consistent album to date and he brings in a couple heavy hitters to help out. Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty sings backup vocals on the opening track and Colin Hay sings and plays slide guitar on the boisterous ”The More I Think,” which finds Trapper lamenting the sad state of our country, ”Everybody is here, still there is no one around, this is the way the world is now.”

His humble sense of humility is what makes Trapper’s songs so strong. It’s never more apparent the on the drum-less title track ”Few and Far Between,” which is about a night on the town from the non-douchebag perspective. Whether his character is saying to a girl at the bar ”I walk up to her and say the nights’ still young, breakfast is on me and your friends can all come” or ”I drop you home, you ask me up to your room, then we make love but it’s over too soon, my concession prize is I get to hold you,” I found myself either relating to that guy or wishing I used that line back when I was single. He’s the anti-LMFAO; they’re talking about being sexy and knowing it, and Mr. Trapper is talking about being a two-minute hero.

Musically, the album is the Chris Trapper acoustic/pop vein from his earlier works. Chris Trapper’s strong suit has always been his ability to write songs that the listener connects and relates to on a certain level. He makes you feel like you are the person he’s singing about.  The Few & the Far Between is another strong addition to the Chris Trapper/Push Stars catalog.

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Listen to his song with Rob Thomas:

And listen to more tracks on Amazon:

1. Here All Along (featuring Rob Thomas)
2. Long Goodbye
3. The More I Think (featuring Colin Hay)
4. Skin
5. Ghost In Your Arms (featuring Kristin Cifelli)
6. Easy Flyer
7. Few And Far Between
8. Still In Me
9. Eyes Twice The Size
10. Not Normal
11. Search Inside
12. Wake Me With Your Kiss
13. Lonesome Parade (for Phyllis Malloy and Juri Bunetta)
14. Home

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