This beautiful, other-worldly sophomore album from Living With Elephants is an emotional and spiritual uplift.  The Ulster County, New York quintet’s second album Home is ten tracks of heart, warmth and is as cerebral as it’s audible; it gave me time to think.  And I love it when a piece of music can do that – when it can reach into you and genuinely touch you.  This is music for the spheres.

The word “melody” is going to be used frequently here, so be aware…  Starting with the gentle lilt of “Soon” with its piano and warmly understated drums, you can close your eyes and let the music carry you.  “Crystal Chandelier” has a spirit of joy with an upbeat tempo and subtle string riff to carry it along with tight harmonies; “Goodbyes” is the classic type of farewell song in all the best and most beloved ways – singer Amy Poux takes this song to a new emotional level.  “Not A Love Song” is a nifty “ditty” with a shuffle beat, jaunty piano and string interplay and wry (but harmony-tied) vocals; the title track, “Home”, is a perfect way to close the album, led by a touchingly breathy vocal and melancholic strings.

Records like this don’t seem to come along all that often – at least not in this day and age.  And an ensemble like Living With Elephants is a lovely reminder of what the world’s been missing on an aural level.



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