FINAL TRS coverThis low-voltage, high energy, coolly warm collection of stellar acoustic-based songs comes from the co-author of the timeless classic, “Summer In The City”.  For those not familiar, Mark Sebastian is the younger brother of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian; Mark is a wonderfully gifted songwriter who has brought this 9 song cycle to life in a highly visual/cinematic fashion.  His lyrics (or choices of covers) fit a theme; the songs are threaded together seamlessly and flow.  The musicianship is masterful; the production is clean; arrangements are lush and Mr. Sebastian’s voice fits these songs perfectly.

The album’s title track is a beautiful and bright piece about longing and memory; “Wild About My Lovin'” is a rootsy number, propelled along by brother John’s harmonica; “A Time For Lovers” is the album’s centerpiece – a narrative that unfolds like a movie script. “A Fork In The Road” is a sweet take on an old Miracles tune and “All Of Her” is a perfect closing number – a fully realized track colored in by a very subtle Hammond organ.

Nine songs may not be a lot but this album is one to sink your teeth into and savor.  Mark Sebastian has delivered the real deal with The Real Story.


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